Les Dennis believes in reincarnation - and wants to come back as a member of his own family

Les Dennis believes in reincarnation credit:Bang Showbiz
Les Dennis believes in reincarnation credit:Bang Showbiz

Les Dennis wants to be reincarnated - as a member of his own family.

The former 'Family Fortunes' presenter believes people "come back" after they die and though he still wants to be tied to his loved ones if he does return from the dead, he'd want to wait "a few generations" so he isn't too closely connected to his own children.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I believe that we come back in some way in our families. I don’t want to come back too soon, because I don’t want my daughter to be my mum. But I’d like to come back a few generations from now, in my own family… in the clan."

The 69-year-old star - who has Philip, 43, with first wife Lynne, and Eleanor, 15, and son Thomas, 12, with his third wife Claire - joked he is "obsessed" with himself so if he came back as another member of his family, he could ask questions about himself.

He explained: "I am obsessed with myself. I want to be able to look up and ask my kids, ‘What was I like? What was your grandad like?’ I want to hear about me."

Asked if he's bothered how he returns, he added: "I don’t know… binary or non-binary… girl, boy, I don’t mind. Just a member of the family."

When Les was born, his family were convinced he was his late brother - who died as a baby - reincarnated.

He said: "My brother had died not long before I was born. He was eight months old. Died of pneumonia. When I was born, everyone said, 'Winnie, you have got him back'. I had to be the good boy for my mum because I was living up to this image.”

Meanwhile, the former 'Coronation Street' star revealed his wife "cried" when he told her he'd signed up for 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

He said: "I was in the mix for Strictly, and then I heard from my agent I’d got it, and I called my wife and she cried – but in a good way. She didn’t cry going, ‘Don’t do it!’"

"The last few years, I’ve had challenges just come out of nowhere, like I did my first opera two years ago at the RSC, with no training. So this is such a massive opportunity as I approach 70. I thought yeah, why not?"