Lesbian Twitter discovered Katy O'Brian's resurfaced audition pic & goes absolutely FERAL

Love Lies Bleeding star Katy O'Brian
Love Lies Bleeding star Katy O'Brian

Lesbian Twitter is going absolutely feral today over a resurfaced photo of body builder-turned-actress Katy O’Brian — and we're right there with them!

In 2022, Film Updates posted a Hollywood Reporter article to Twitter (now X) about Kristen Stewart signing on to star in an upcoming Rose Glass movie called Love Lies Bleeding.

“It centers on the extreme qualities it takes to succeed in the competitive world of bodybuilding. Stewart is not playing the lead but is instead playing her lover,” the post reads.

O’Brian commented with a muscle-bound photo of her lifting weights captioned “I’m free,” and the rest is history.

She ended up starring alongside Stewart, just like she was hoping.

In the film, O’Brian plays a Midwestern drifter, who is on her way to a bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas when she meets Stewart’s character, Lou, a reclusive gym owner with a criminal family.

The lesbian thriller took festival audiences by storm and is now in theaters.

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