Lethal Bizzle demands payment from Love Island's Chris and Kem: 'They stole my phrase'

After finding fame on this year’s series of Love Island, Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay have gone on to enjoy unprecedented success – including their own ITV2 spin-off show and a number one single on iTunes with their rap song ‘Little Bit Leave It’.

Now the boys have encountered their first taste of industry beef as grime star Lethal Bizzle hit out after they made money off his catchphrase without giving him any credit.

Lethal Bizzle isn’t happy. Copyright: [Rex/ ITV]

Bizzle tweeted a video to Kem and Chris, telling them to pay up for using “little bit leave it” for their song, a phrase he insists that he came up with, however, the two reality stars laughed his request off.

In the clip, Bizzle says: “Oi, right now it’s a little bit LEAVE IT!

“Oh s**t. You couldn’t leave me alone, innit. Kemp, and your other brother, dunno what his name is – Ross? You. You took my phrase, fam. Cool. I want everyone to use  my phrase, everyone knows I make up words, I want people to use them, I don’t mind.

“But when you wanna go and make a song and make money from them, then I have a problem with that. So we need to have a conversation.

“I’m a very reasonable person, so let’s just get this sorted out before it has to go anywhere else.

“I wasn’t even f**king bothered about it, it’s the people that made me realise, like, ‘rarr, Bizz, you getting a percentage out of this?’ And I thought, hold on, I should be getting a percentage out of this shouldn’t I?!

“I don’t need the money, but the principle is you’re taking the p**s. And you’re not even crediting and letting people know where you got the phrase from – you’re using it like you made it popular.

“So listen, we need to have a conversation. Call me!”

Nick Grimshaw played the video to Chris and Kem on his Radio 1 breakfast show but the boys insisted that there was no beef between them.

The song went to number one on iTunes.

Kem said: “It was like a fanboy moment – I was just happy he’d tweeted us.

“We’re amateurs, it’s our first song – we didn’t even think about the legal side of it. I’ve just said speak to the label, we don’t want no beef. I think it’s all light-hearted banter.”

However, Bizzle appears to be taking the situation a bit more seriously, retweeting a series of messages in his support, including one that read: “@LethalBizzle sending for #KemandRoss is just another example of taking from a culture, profiting and acting naive to what just happened.”

The star also clarified: “The label asked me if I wanna jump on the Kemp & Ross new single, I declined. I didn’t hear it or know the tilte was #LittleBitLeaveIt”.

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted reps for Lethal Bizzle and Kem and Chris for comment.

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