Leveson Lawyer Becomes Top Twitter Trend

Leveson Lawyer Becomes Top Twitter Trend

A lawyer at the Leveson inquiry into media ethics became one of the world's most popular topics on Twitter during the testimony of actor Hugh Grant.

Carine Patry Hoskins appeared prominently on TV coverage of the hearing as she was seated to the left of another lawyer, Robert Jay, who was quizzing Grant.

She caught the attention of users on the microblogging site, who gave her the hashtag #womanontheleft.

The thread quickly became the most popular in the UK and by mid-afternoon was trending prominently worldwide.

Some joked that she might be part of a Hollywood-style storyline with the actor, who is famed for his depiction of romantic leads.

Jen Shaffer added: "Just so #womanontheleft doesn't explode when she finds out she's a worldwide trend - good on you love. You made my day. You're ace."

A link to her internet profile at her chambers was also widely retweeted - with some users pointing out the irony that the inquiry is into media intrusion and privacy.

Ryanjl tweeted: "Certain irony in #womanontheleft being identified & having profile spread around internet, while Hugh Grant speaks at #Leveson."

However, some were dismayed by the news that the topic had become so popular.

Chris Nicholson said: "My dear school friend, someone who fought for her law degree,is now trending as #womanontheleft. How utterly disheartening."

Grrrdev added: "I would hate to be the #womanontheleft imagine coming home from work and finding out your the most trending topic on twitter."