Lewis Capaldi tipped for epic return following career break as fans spot key sign

Lewis Capaldi has sent his fans into a frenzy -Credit:Getty Images

Lewis Capaldi could be set to make an epic return to music, and sooner than we think - according to reports. The Scottish hitmaker announced he was stepping back from music last year.

Lewis, 27, took to social media to admit the 'difficult' decision he would be taking a break from the industry, after his tourettes condition became worse. The Forget Me singer has also candidly opened up previously on his struggles with anxiety.

The Scots singer's Netflix documentary How I'm Feeling Now, moved fans to tears, as we got a look behind the lens at what life has been like since he skyrocketed to fame. However, the increasing pressure left him struggling and he decided to take a break.

But fans are convinced he could be ready for a huge comeback. Lewis was spotted in the background of pictures posted by Noah on his social media account, where he stood in the studio with headphones on singing into a mic.

Noah captioned the Instagram post: "There ain’t nothing to report, but I hope you’re bored and heading north." Fans soon rushed to the comments, as they shared their hopes the star will be returning.

Lewis Capaldi was spotted in the background of the social media snap -Credit:Instagram

One person said: "'Nothing to report' that is literally Lewis Capaldi in a studio w you sir," as another wrote: "Why is no one talking about the photo of him and Lewis Capaldi in the studio together?????"

A third chimed: "Couldn’t help but notice there was in fact something to report." The social media post further teased fans with a snippet of a song.

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Elsewhere, earlier this year Lewis delighted fans by breaking his silence for the first time in six months. He announced the release of the extended edition of his second album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent.

Announcing his extended album dropping over the New Year in a surprise announcement, Lewis said: “I was absolutely terrified of disappointing you all, afraid of not living up to expectations and, in all honesty, scared that the whole thing would be a complete flop.

“But thanks to all of you, it wasn’t. It’s mind-blowing to see the songs on this album still resonating with so many of you despite the fact I’ve not been out there promoting it or touring, it means the world to me."

In December last year, Lewis gave fans a health update as he wrote on Twitter : "Firstly, I want to start this by saying I hope you’re all doing well out there, I’ve missed you! As most of you will know, I’m currently taking some time off to focus on my health and wellbeing and it’s been going great! I’ve been working with some incredible professionals to help me learn about and cope better with my Tourette’s and anxiety issues."

He added: "I’m really happy to say I’ve noticed a marked improvement in both since I decided to take some time off back in June." And when talking about Lewis' health back in November, Roman Kemp praised the star for taking a step back. He said: "I implore artists to do it and I implore labels to allow artists to do it, to not put that much pressure on them and that is why Lewis Capaldi is a game changer. He is one of those artists that stood up and said that."

He continued: "To be able to say you know what I’m not going to walk out in front of thousands of people, I’m not gonna walk out to adoring fans and people to sing my name every night.I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna look after myself, that my friends is a real f*****g rockstar. That’s Lewis Capaldi."

The Daily Record has contacted a representative of Lewis Capaldi for comment.

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