Lexus highlights top EV charging spots

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Lexus has showcased a number of alternative locations for EV owners to stop and recharge.

Though many electric car owners might be tempted to peel off the motorway and use one of the chargers at roadside services, there are a number of places which provide a more pleasant view, a cafe or something to experience while the car’s batteries top up.

Lexus has picked out some of the very best places to head to if you’re needing to recharge an electric vehicle. Let’s take a look.

A30 – Strawberry Fields Farm Shop, Lifton

Lexus Charging Locations
Strawberry Fields has a large cafe to check out

The A30 runs through the centre of Devon and Cornwall, eventually running all the way to Land’s End. It’s a road that will have been used by anyone travelling through Cornwall, and at Strawberry Fields Farm Shop there’s the opportunity to stop and charge at the two available points before checking out the shop and restaurant.

M1 – Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

Lexus Charging Locations
Stockwood has a variety of gardens to explore

If you’ve got kids in tow then the Stockwood Discovery Centre could be a great place to stop when you’re on the M1. There are two EV chargers – with four connectors – located in the Centre’s car park, yet a variety of themed landscapes and a cafe on site means that there are plenty of places to check out while you’re stopped.

M11 – Wimpole Estate near Cambridge

Lexus Charging Locations
Wimpole Hall offer six EV chargers

If you’re in need of charging capacity then the Wimpole Estate near Cambridge is a great option thanks to its six devices with 12 available connectors. The National Trust-owned site has loads of parkland to explore and Wimpole Hall itself.

M25 – RHS Garden Wisley, near Woking

Lexus Charging Locations
RHS Garden Wisley has a huge area to explore

RHS Garden Wisley is one of the UK’s most-visited gardens and it also has eight 7.2kWh sockets available for charging. While your car is topping up, you can either enter the gardens or, if you’re short of time, take a look at the Wisley garden centre for free.

M4 – Tredegar House, near Junction 28, Newport

Lexus Charging Locations
Tredegar Park is packed with history

Tredegar House is a late 17th centre house but, despite having some fantastic history to check out, is also kitted out with a 7.2kWh electric charging point. It’s situated within 90 acres of gardens and parkland, so there’s plenty of space to explore.

M40 – British Motor Museum, near Warwick

Lexus Charging Locations
The British Motor Museum has hundreds of classic cars to look at

The British Motor Museum is home to a huge collection of British cars, with more than 400 vehicles on display. As well as free tours and a host of interactive activities, it’s got four chargers located at the conference entrance and six points to the rear of the visitor car park. Two of these are 22kW, while the others are 7kW so ideal if you’re spending longer to check out the museum.

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