These LGBTQ+ artists are absolutely feeding us this summer

The weekend is here and the gays are serving.

Ford Fairchild / Michael Bailey-Gates / DAYA

It may be the final Friday of Pride Month, but these out and proud LGBTQ+ singers are keeping us fed all year long.

This week's New Music Friday has a little bit of everything... including an exclusive music video premiere from country music singer Chris Housman!

From sex-positive anthems from Adam Lambert to a powerful new single from Grammy winner Daya, there's something for everyone.

Scroll through to see all of the new gay bops you need on your playlist!

Chris Housman - High Hopes (Exclusive)

Chris Housman - High Hopes (Official Music Video)

Chris Housman is one of the few gay men releasing new music that people are loving in country music today.

The singer just released his debut record Blueneck, which has received critical acclaim from multiple publications for merging his unapologetic gay energy with a signature country sound.

Housman's vocals come to life on the vibrant music video for his new single "High Hopes." Check out the exclusive video premiere above!

Adam Lambert - LUBE

Adam Lambert - LUBE (Live From WeHo Pride)

Following his electrifying performance at WeHo Pride, Adam Lambert is ready for everyone to join him at the ultimate afters.

The star performed two new songs from his upcoming EP AFTERS, including "LUBE" and "WET DREAM."

As the song titles suggest, Lambert is getting down and dirty and letting all of his fans know what kind of sexy shenanigans he's getting into when the afters begins at his house.

Catch a brand new interview with Lambert right here on PRIDE in just a couple of weeks!

Jake Wesley Rogers - Loser

Jake Wesley Rogers - Loser (Official Music Video)

The dance vibes continue with new music from Jake Wesley Rogers.

Despite the title of his new song being called "Loser," the single is actually an empowering anthem that reassures everyone that anyone can be a winner.

Many people in the LGBTQ+ community will be able to connect with the lyrics as queer people can often feel like outcasts or misunderstood.

Rogers is here to remind you that you're not alone and anything but a loser!

Daya - Don't Call

Daya - Don't Call (Official Music Video)

Everyone and their mother knows the words to Daya's iconic songs "Don't Let Me Down," "Hide Away," and "Sit Still, Look Pretty."

The singer publicly came out as bisexual back in 2018 and the queer artist is now releasing her latest track "Don't Call," which is a pop ballad that'll be easy to sing at the top of your lungs.

Her latest song is all about getting over someone and embracing a new chapter on your own.

Galantis, David Guetta, & 5 Seconds of Summer - Lighter

Galantis, David Guetta, & 5 Seconds of Summer - Lighter (Official Music Video)

Galantis is always dropping EDM bops for the gays to enjoy and this Pride Month is no different.

Heading into this weekend, fans can listen to Pride Pack... a new collection that includes two Ty Sunderland remixes of Galantis' recent singles "Lighter" and "One Cry."

Plus, Sunderland will perform these remixes tomorrow night at Ty Sunderland and Jake Resnicow's Planet Pride in Brooklyn, New York.

JHart - Us

JHart -- Us (Official Visualizer)

JHart is one of the top songwriters in the industry as he's worked with A-list singers including Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and many more.

The star has released his own singles before, but he's now really leaning into his own artistry with recent tracks "Ripe," "Always You," and "Crash My Car."

Now, JHart is releasing his first bop of 2024 with "Us," which is written and produced by the star himself. Lyrically, the song is all about finding comfort in a lover when life is going through a very rocky phase.


SNOW WIFE - "POOL" (Official Lyric Video)

It's officially the summer of snow!

The hot summer months wouldn't feel complete without a trip to the pool and SNOW WIFE's latest bop perfectly captures the vibe.

Her new track "POOL" is a seductive and feel-good bop that comes to life with an infectious chorus and nostalgic beats.

MARIS - The Fight

MARIS - The Fight (Official Lyric Video)

To round out today's NMF, here's an indie artist you should check out!

MARIS is a young queer singer who draws from her own experiences in her vulnerable songwriting.

Fusing ‘80s-inflected pop and danceable beats, the rising artist has a new single out today called "The Fight" detailing her love for an animal that she couldn't keep all to herself.

Happy listening!