Liam Gallagher finally meets daughter Molly Moorish for the first time in 19 years

Natasha Sporn
Picture: Liam Gallagher shared a photo with Molly Moorish alongside songs Lennon and Gene: Instagram / Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has met with his daughter Molly Moorish for the first time since she was a toddler.

The former Oasis frontman posted a black-and-white Instagram photo with Moorish and his two sons Lennon, 18 and Gene, 16 on Wednesday.

Molly shared the same snap to her own social media page, adding the caption “As you were”.

Gallagher had not seen his 21-year-old daughter Molly, born to Lisa Moorish after an affair, since she was a young infant 19 years ago.

Artist: Molly Moorish also shared the photo, captioning it

Last year, the star told GQ Magazine that his daughter was “welcome in his world” but she hadn’t made any contact.

Gallagher said: “The kid I haven’t seen. We’ll see one day, but, no, not seen her. But if I met her, she’d be cool.

“She’s welcome in my world and that, you know what I mean? Without a doubt.

“But I just ain’t met her because her mam’s... Listen, we don’t work. We don’t get on.”

Gallagher said Molly was better off growing up with her mother, but said he would be “open” to her reaching out to him.

He continued: “I mean I’m open to everything. But at the moment it ain’t happening. Got no problem with the girl whatsoever.

“The girl’s been looked after and clothed and fed and sent to lovely schools. I bought them a house and all that tack. I just think she’s best off with her mum… They aren’t good when they are forced, these things.

“I think we leave it be. See what happens. If it happens it happens. Certainly, wouldn’t turn her away, man. Let it be.”

Molly was born in 1998, following Gallagher’s affair during his marriage to Patsy Kensit.