Liam Payne's home shrouded in rotten egg smell

Poor Liam Payne.

His home has been taken over by a lingering smell of rotten eggs just a week before Christmas and he’s been forced to call in plumbers to deal with the vom-inducing odour.

(Photo: Flynet)

The One Direction star has a drainage problem which is causing the horrific stink at his £5 million Surry home and he’s desperate to have it fixed this month, calling in a team of experts to sort it out.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “The smell reeked of rotten eggs and left a taste in your mouth when you walk past.”

Even Liam’s neighbours have been getting a whiff of the eggy mist and are hoping his workers will be able to quell the “thoroughly unpleasant” stink before Christmas.


Plumbers were trying to get to the root of the problem last week and neighbours were hoping it could be done quick.

“It was thoroughly unpleasant.” the source added.

Let’s hope the eggy stench doesn’t ruin Liam’s first Christmas with his girlfriend Cheryl, who is reportedly expecting his baby.

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