Liberty X Star Kevin Simm Auditions For ‘The Voice’ - And Admits Failure Would Mean The END Of His Career

No, that is not your eyes deceiving you – Liberty X’s Kevin Simm is on The Voice!.

And tonight sees the former noughties pop juggernaut heading into the ring for the ominously titled ‘vocal battle’.


The 35 year old singer found fame after becoming a runner-up in iconic X Factor precursor 'Popstars’, going on to become a founding member of Liberty X and not doing too badly out of it all, everything considered.

But after the band split, the singer struggled to regain the success he had once enjoyed – which has led him to the hallowed halls of the BBC for another shot at the fame game.

However, Kevin admitted that coming from a successful band into the show has left him feeling more vulnerable – and that if he fails in tonight’s round, his career could be over for good.

“It is pushing me to my limit,” he told The Mirror. “I put a lot of pressure on myself in these sort of situations because when you’re out there trying to prove yourself all over again, it is just tough.”

“I’ve come in from a band. I felt a major pressure on me. My blind audition was a big sort of gamble.

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“I had this worrying thing that if I didn’t get any turns, that may as well be the end of my singing career so getting the four was amazing.”

“I’m pretty confident that Faith will not slip up so I think I do have to be on my game and if I did screw something up then there’s a good chance it will be the end of it for me.”

You can watch Kevin battle it out with Faith Nelson in the ring tonight, on BBC 1.