Library goes viral after student finds disgusting surprise in book

Staff writer

There are plenty of uses for cheese but there's one place the University of Liverpool recently learned it probably doesn't need any cheese - inside its library. The school library posted to its Twitter account on Monday to report that it had apparently discovered a slice of cheese being used as a bookmark.

"This is not a bookmark," the library's Twitter account wrote, along with a photo of an orange, slightly mouldy piece of plastic-wrapped cheese, which was found between the pages one of its library books.

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The image immediately went viral, and has since inspired many social media users to share their own, comparable discoveries.

"I take your cheese bookmark and raise you the crunch cream" bookmark, one Twitter user replied, claiming to have found one of the snack foods inside a library book.

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Others shared even more outlandish examples, including a slice of damp, mouldy-looking bread and, in one case, a dead fish.

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The library's post has been retweeted more than 36,000 times and while some users had similar experiences to share, others simply felt disgusted by the idea.

"I wanna make a joke like hahaha yes it is, but I'm so genuinely horrified, I can't imagine committing to the bit," one user wrote.

"What's more frightening is that people in Liverpool eat that. Is it radioactive?" another added.

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Many of the responses were lighthearted though, and the university seemed to take it all in stride. The library's Twitter account even began sharing follow-up posts, thanking the internet for its massive reaction.

"While we are surprised by the 100k likes, we know we can always rely on #LibraryTwitter for some cheesy puns," the library wrote on Tuesday.

Shortly after, the library shared what appeared to be some "fan art" made for the slice of cheese.

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