Life and issues in two Hull areas which changed hands at the local elections

Wold Road, in Hull's Derringham ward
Wold Road, in Hull's Derringham ward -Credit:LDRS

Local elections in Hull this year saw a total of four council seats change hands as voters in those wards opted for a change.

Although elections are often talked of in terms of political campaigns and party loyalties, on the ground day-to-day issues like parking, traffic, housing and antisocial behaviour are often deciding factors. People in Derringham, in west Hulll, and University, in north Hull, spoke to LDRS following the polls about the issues that matter most in their areas.

Derringham switched from the Liberal Democrats to Labour while the reverse was true in University. Despite opting for opposing parties, many of the issues on local people's minds were not too dissimilar.



Derringham is in the west of Hull and covers the area roughly from Willerby Road to the East Riding border south of Cottingham. Labour's George Grozav won one of its three vacant seats this year with around 50 per cent of the vote, 1,251.

The previous Liberal Democrat councillor Dave Woods stood down this year. Turnout was almost 27.9 per cent compared to 21.43 per cent across Hull overall.

The parade of shops in Wold Road, in the Derringham ward of Hull
The parade of shops in Wold Road, in the Derringham ward of Hull -Credit:LDRS

'It would be nice if there was more community spirit'

Elaine Milne, who grew up in Derringham and moved back five years ago, said she liked the area but would like to see its former community atmosphere return. She said: "Parking is an issue in this area and the works they're doing on the roads have caused some problems, it's blocked off part of Wold Road and Coventry Road.

"We also get cars speeding up and down Wold Road sometimes, particularly on a night. The people are friendly enough here, I know my neighbours quite well.

"I think it would be nice if there was more community spirit here and if people helped each other out more, that's what it used to be like years ago. But people have to work more and don't have as much time on their hands now.

"I grew up here and I lived here until I was 19, I came back to look after my dad, he's 92 now. I didn't hear much from the previous councillor but I'm not too bothered about local politics myself."

'The last couple of years have been tough'

Darren Specks, owner of the D&S Specks shop in Wold Road, said the rising cost of living in recent years had made business difficult for him. Mr Specks said: "From a business owner's perspective there's been an obvious decline in the area over the years.

"There's a distinct lack of footfall in this row of shops and that's been a major factor in trade not being good. Prices have gone up which have caused us some issues, at the wholesalers where I go they charge £2 for a cauliflower for instance but people can get them in the supermarket for £1.

"Other big issue for us is parking in front of the shop, you've got about six cars which are there most of the time which belong to residents or the shop owners. That means that if someone just wants to quickly stop and run in for something they can't.

"The good thing for us is that we get a lot of regulars, a lot of people know me and I've built up a good rapport with them. But our bills have also gone up for the shop, we used to pay £300-a-month for electricity now it's about £800.

"And we still have to try and keep our prices competitive, the last couple of years has been tough. Other than that it's very neighbourly around here, things like antisocial behaviour aren't massive issues and when it does happen it tends to just be an isolated incident here or there but nothing that causes any concern.

"I don't vote. To be honest I've never seen my local councillor in 17 years of being here."

Darren Specks owns D&S Specks in Wold Road, in the Derringham ward of Hull
Darren Specks owns D&S Specks in Wold Road, in the Derringham ward of Hull -Credit:LDRS


University ward covers the area roughly between Cottingham Road north to Endike Lane and extends slight beyond both Hall Road in the west and Cranbrook Avenue in the east. Liberal Democrat Mark Collinson took the seat for the Liberal Democrats with 728 votes, almost 48 per cent of those cast.

The seat was previously held by Labour's Steve Wilson who stood down this year. Turnout in University ward was about 24 per cent, compared to Hull's 21.43 per cent overall.

'I've got a young daughter who doesn't like walking home late at night'

Al, who lives close to the parade of shops where Endike Lane meets Hall Road, said parking and antisocial behaviour was an issue in her part of University ward. She said: "I've lived here for 17 years, it's not too bad and it's handy having the shops close by.

"One issue we do have is people hanging around some of the shops being antisocial. I don't feel safe going out on an evening sometimes.

The parade of shops in Endike Lane which falls in Hull's University ward
The parade of shops in Endike Lane which falls in Hull's University ward -Credit:LDRS

"I've got a young daughter who goes to the university, she doesn't like walking home late at night. One thing a lot of residents in this area say they want is some kind of speed restriction on the part of Endike Lane which passes the shops because speeding can be an issue.

"We get cars and motorbikes flying through, especially at the weekend and in the evenings. The other issue is people coming to the shops leaving their cars in random places too.

"I was once walking between the shops and a car almost cut across me. I keep myself to myself here, I know one of my next door neighbours and they're nice, the other one I don't know as well.

"I did vote in the election. Some of the parties did come and speak to us during the campaign but we didn't hear as much from the others."

'Traffic at a standstill'

Lily Herrick, who studies at the University of Hull, lives in student accommodation in University ward
Lily Herrick, who studies at the University of Hull, lives in student accommodation in University ward -Credit:LDRS

Lily Herrick, who studies at the University of Hull and lives in student accommodation close by, said she enjoyed living in the ward but found getting around difficult sometimes. She said: "The area itself is all right, the campus is a nice place to be, but at certain times I find it hard to get around and the parking can be awful.

"I wouldn't travel down towards Beverley Road after 5pm, traffic's at a standstill. But all the essential things are within walking distance and the buses are quite good.

"A lot of people complain that the street lights are too bright and they're too close to their houses, if I had one near my window I wouldn't be able to get to sleep. It's quite a safe area generally, though I'd be reluctant to go further afield on my own at night.

"But on campus it's safe and there's cameras everywhere. One thing I would like to see is a bus which would make getting to the Ice Arena easier, it's difficult to get to that part of the city from here."