Lightning Bolt Strikes Ground in Florida Dangerously Close to Gardener

A homeowner was stunned when a lightning bolt struck and set his neighbor’s yard on fire, mere yards away from his home in Sebring, Florida, on May 7.

Video recorded by Rodney Murphy’s home security camera shows him in front of his central Florida home when a lightning bolt strikes his neighbor’s yard, igniting a fire and sending Murphy back indoors.

Speaking to Storyful, Murphy said no rain or storm clouds were present when the lightning hit. He initially heard a crackling sound and closed his eyes just as a flash of lightning hit the ground, sending a boom through the neighborhood.

“It sounded like a bomb had exploded. It shook our house too,” Murphy said. He said that the strike knocked out his electricity, but luckily no one was injured. Credit: Rodney Murphy via Storyful

Video transcript