Lily Allen cancels US tours dates after 'devastating news'

Lily Allen has pulled out of several US concerts. (PA Images)
Lily Allen has pulled out of several US concerts. (PA Images)

Lily Allen has cancelled two US concerts after falling ill and feeling ‘shaken up’ from ‘news from back home.’

The 33-year-old singer posted a video tweet that revealed she would no longer be playing in Chicago and Minneapolis shows and is suffering from several ailments.

“Hello everybody I’m very sad to say I’ve hand to cancel my Chicago show tonight and my Minneapolis show tomorrow due to my sickness.

‘We are working on rescheduling both shows so I will get back to you with news about those… I’m just really really sorry, but this is unavoidable, I’ve been battling it for two weeks,” Allen said.

A fan then tweeted to ask if Allen was ‘OK’ to which she responded: “Not really. I can’t speak and I’m very shaken up by news from back home.”

She then replied to yet another concerned fan with ‘I am really quite sick, and I’ve just had some truly devastating news.’

After an influx of fan speculation as to what was wrong with the ‘Not Fair’ singer, she responded thanking her followers for their support.

“Overwhelmed by all the well wishers and how understanding everyone is being, thank you all so much. I will make it up to you all I promise. I have the best fans.”

Allen seems to have been having a difficult time of late, and spoke to Jonathan Ross in October about her recent troubles.

“I don’t really go out anymore…Sheezus which was my last album which was commercially a failure and creatively a failure was a really low point for me and I had to re-evaluate everything and figure out what it was that I wanted and where I wanted to go. Being a drug addled mother to two young children wasn’t it,” she revealed.

And after reports leaked via Daily Mail that she frequented female escorts during her ‘Sheezus’ tour she admitted to it completely on Instagram.

In the post she wrote that in her book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ she details “some stuff from my dark days, around the Sheezus era. I slept with female escorts when I was on tour, cause I was lost and lonely and looking for something. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed.”

Allen is the mother of 5-year-old Marnie Rose Cooper and 6-year-old Ethel Cooper. Her father is actor Keith Allen and her brother is Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen.

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