How Lily Allen and David Harbour got revenge on a troll

"She just s*** posts everywhere all over the internet."

March 28, 2022, New York, United States: David Harbour and Lily Allen attend ''Plaza Suite'' Opening Night in New York City. (Credit Image: © Ron Adar/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire)
Husband and wife David Harbour and Lily Allen. (Ron Adar/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire)

Lily Allen has revealed how her and husband David Harbour exacted revenge on one particularly persistent troll.

Appearing on the latest episode of Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell podcast, the singer-songwriter was weighing in on the cesspool aspect to social media when she landed upon a close follower of Harbour's.

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"There's this one person, this like one troll, that is obsessed with David's ex-girlfriend - my husband David - and hates the fact that he married me. And she's like... she just s*** posts everywhere all over the internet," Allen told the two comedians.

It's unclear which of Harbour's exes his wife was referring to, but the Stranger Things actor is known to have previously dated Fantastic Beasts star Alison Sudol and Dexter's Julia Stiles.

Amusingly, the famous couple took exception to this individual, as Allen explained: "Me and David set up a production company and named it after her. We just thought she'll be so utterly confused [when] her name comes up on the screen! It will so spin her out."

David Harbour and Lily Allen tie the knot (Instagram/DKHarbour)
The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas with the classic Elvis Presley impersonator package.(Instagram/DKHarbour)

Elsewhere on the podcast, the 'Smile' popstar spoke gratefully about her two daughters Ethel and Marnie never experiencing her alcoholism, which she battled up until around five years ago.

"They haven't really experienced my alcoholism, thankfully, but they know that [me and Harbour] don't drink, they've got a really healthy attitude towards it. Sometimes I smoke and they both get very cross with me and I'm like, 'This is meant to be the other way round!'" she said.

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Allen publicly celebrated 18 months "clean and sober" back in January 2021, having pinpointed the low point of her life while on The Recovery podcast.

Remembering supporting Miley Cyrus on the 'Bangerz' tour in 2014, she shared: "I started, like, cheating on my husband. And I had always drunk alcohol to take the edge off of the drugs, and then I realised I was getting up in the morning and just going straight to mini-bar and downing those little, mini bottles of vodka or whisky or whatever was left and without the drugs anymore.

"And I was like, 'Oh, well, I think I've got a drinking problem.' And I remember being in LA and thinking just, 'None of this acting out is working anymore. Maybe I should try heroin.'"

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