Lily Gladstone Said She Wants To Do An Action Movie Before Her ‘Knees Give Out’, And I Need This ASAP

 Lily Gladstone as Jax in Fancy Dance.
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If you’ve witnessed Martin Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon, I don’t need to tell you Lily Gladstone is an absolute star. The actor not only held her own across the way from Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, she is one of those talents I’ll now be following anywhere. But which direction is she hoping to go in ext? Well, I asked the Oscar nominee about that.

Lily Gladstone Told Me She Wants To Do An Action Movie

Lily Gladstone has turned in another incredible performance in Fancy Dance, which is now streaming for those with an Apple TV+ subscription. Similar to Killers Of The Flower Moon, it's a drama that takes place in Oklahoma and tackles important issues facing the indigenous communities, albeit the stories are a century apart. When CinemaBlend asked the actor what roles she’d like to do next, here’s what she said:

Well, I'm doing a romantic comedy right now, which I've always wanted to do with Bowen Yang and Kelly Marie Tran. And it's directed by Andrew Ahn on a remake of Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet. That's really fun. I think, you know, before this is over and before my knees give out entirely, it would be fun to do something actiony. And then, you know, every actor wants a good biopic, so we're gonna just see what we can line up.

Now this whole answer had me very excited, but can I just talk about for a moment how much I want to see Lily Gladstone be part of one of the next best action movies I see? Thus far, the actor has showcased the kind of strong presence she can bring to the big screen. However, in Killers and Fancy Dance, she finds herself in quite powerless positions amidst the system’s unfortunate lack of resources and care for the indigenous community. These roles allow for Gladstone to represent the rage and heartbreak of the Native people, but as she expresses, I think it would be amazing to see her tackle a role that doesn’t pull punches.

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Lily Gladstone as Jax in Fancy Dance
Lily Gladstone as Jax in Fancy Dance

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Along with Lily Gladstone telling me she was anxious to get into an action movie before her “knees give out entirely,” the actor also spoke a bit more to what else they’d like to be part of. First off, I’m obsessed with Gladstone doing a romantic comedy after being part of two dramatic films back-to-back.

Gladstone will star in a remake of The Wedding Banquet from the director behind 2022’s Fire Island. The movie has a solid cast that includes Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran, Bowen Yang, Joan Chen and Youn Yuh-jung. Along with that, Gladstone just starred in the critically acclaimed Hulu series Under The Bridge and is set to work with Scorsese again on an adaptation of The Memory Police.

Additionally, Gladstone mentioned wanting to do a biopic as well. I could totally see the actor finding a really great story about another indigenous woman with an undertold story and giving another amazing performance worthy of Oscar attention. My main takeaway from Gladstone is the sky's the limit, and she is looking to do all sorts of roles in the future!