Linda Nolan breaks down as she opens up about 'incurable' cancer diagnosis

Last week, Coleen Nolan broke the sad news that her sister, Linda, had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

Coleen had her sister’s blessing to share details about her illness, and now Linda has bravely opened up during an appearance on Loose Women earlier today.

Linda was supported by Coleen as she broke down.

Speaking out, the emotional star broke down as she explained what is going on, revealing: “I had a bone biopsy last week, and they confirmed it’s secondary breast cancer.

“I’m waiting until Thursday to find out what grade and what size it is.

“I’m getting injections into my bones to strengthen them, and radiotherapy, but I don’t have to have chemo this time which is a big relief.

“I’m absolutely devastated. I was devastated because I feel so bad for my family having to go through it again.”

Linda is going to tick off her bucket list.

Despite the fact her cancer is not curable, it can be treated and Linda has been told that she can survive about 10-15 years with the disease.

The former singer went on to insist that she is going to fulfil her bucket list following the prognosis, supported by her sister, she shared: “There are so many things I’d like to do. It sounds trivial, but I’d like to fly first class, I’ve never done that.

“In a way, this diagnosis has made me think I’ve got the opportunity to do those things because I don’t know how long I’m going to be here.”

Linda previously battled breast cancer, getting the all-clear six years ago, however, when she broke her hip last month doctors found a cyst in her pelvis, which lead to her new diagnosis.

Coleen broke the news last week.

Speaking out last week, Coleen bravely explained: “The positive thing is, although it is not curable, it is treatable and it hasn’t spread anywhere else.

“Linda wants to get it across she isn’t dying of cancer because it is treatable and she could have years, so we have to focus on that.”

In 2013 the Nolans were left devastated when their sister Bernie died of cancer, but Coleen insists that the family remain defiant in the face of the disease.

She continued: “We messaged each other and said, I remember getting a message from my older brother saying, ‘Oh God, here we go again, but we’ll do it.’

Bernie Nolan [right] passed away from cancer four years ago.

“And we will, we’ll fight as a family, so if there’s weeks I’m not here because Linda and the family needs me, I’m very privileged to have a job where I can do that because some people don’t…

“Linda is obviously having terrible down days but the majority of the time, she texts as soon as she gets any information.

“I think the thing that broke my heart was she sent a text – it seems weird, but we’re such a big family – was at the end of it she put ‘I’m so sorry, I feel so guilty to put you all through this again’. We’ll all go through it together.”

We’re sending the Nolan family all of our love and well-wishes at this incredibly sad time.

[ Linda Nolan has been diagnosed with ‘incurable’ secondary cancer ]