Linda Nolan says cancer battle has given her 'a sense of freedom'

Linda Nolan has talked about her cancer treatment. (Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)
Linda Nolan has talked about her cancer treatment. (Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

Linda Nolan has said she doesn’t know how long she has left as she continues to battle cancer.

The Nolan Sisters star was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017 – after first having the disease in 2005 – and will need long-term treatment as she has been told her illness is treatable but not curable.

But appearing on Good Morning Britain, she revealed she was determined to live her life to the full.

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Nolan, 63, said: “I think - it sounds silly - but in a way it's given me a little sense of freedom. Now I go, I'm not going to do that because I want to do this.

“Like, you've got to go to Ireland to do a TV show but I'm going to my niece's seventh birthday. I'm going to that party and I'll say, I can't do that because of the party.”

The star went on: “It gives me a new perspective on life for me because I don't know how long I've got. Whatever time I've got left, I want to make memories and have a great time."

Nolan is currently going through chemotherapy but told hosts Kate Garraway and Richard Bacon that she is doing fine.

"I feel OK,” said the star, who was on the ITV show along with her sister Anne.

Linda Nolan's cancer is incurable. (Getty Images)
Linda Nolan's cancer is incurable. (Getty Images)

“My legs are a bit wobbly and I have neuropathic pain in my feet and fingers, which is like really bad pins and needles all the time.”

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Nolan found fame as part of the singing group The Nolans alongside her sisters Anne, Coleen, Denise, Maureen and Bernie.

Bernie died in 2013 after battling breast cancer, and Anne was also diagnosed with the illness.

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