Linda Nolan admits she's 'scared of dying' as she and sister Anne share history of suicidal thoughts

Linda Nolan's cancer has spread (Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)
Linda Nolan has talked about her cancer treatment. (Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

Linda Nolan has spoken about her cancer battle, admitting she is scared of dying when she still has so much to live for.

The singer and her sister Anne have both been undergoing cancer treatment at the same time, but while Anne's cancer has responded well, Linda has been told hers is incurable.

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Speaking together to OK! magazine, the sisters revealed they have both had suicidal feelings in the past – Linda after losing her husband Brian Hudson to cancer, and Anne after her husband Brian Wilson left her.

Talking about her cancer check-ups, Linda said: "Every time, I worry if it’s spread again. I’m scared of dying. There’s so much to live for. You realise that when you’ve been through all that I have. Every day is a gift."

The Nolans, who had their record 'Dressed to Kill' thrown out of the top 100 pop chart. Left to right; Linda Nolan, Anne Nolan, Bernie Nolan, Coleen Nolan, and Maureen Nolan   (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)
Left to right: Linda Nolan, Anne Nolan, Bernie Nolan, Coleen Nolan and Maureen Nolan. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Linda added that despite her own prognosis, she was happy for Anne, who is still having some treatment but is clear of cancer.

They have written a book, Stronger Together: How We’re Living While Fighting, about their experiences, which include losing their sister Bernie to cancer in 2013.

Discussing the toughest times in their lives, Linda said she was "suicidal" after her husband's death in 2007 and described how she had booked and paid for three holidays but had not been able to bring herself to go on any of them.

Linda said that at her worst point, she was not speaking to Anne but had taken two of their other sisters, Maureen and Loose Women star Coleen, to meet her psychiatrist.

She said: "Coleen said she still didn’t get it and she wanted to kick me up the bum. Which is fine – I understand that was her way of dealing with it. But when I was awake at 3am, I’d call Maureen instead of Coleen."

Anne, whose husband Brian Wilson left her in the same year, also shared a worrying story about her mental state after the split that she said she hadn't discussed with her sisters at the time.

The Nolan Sisters sing 'It's Only Just Begun' for their sister Anne and her bridegroom Blackpool footballer Brian Wilson, following their wedding at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Blackpool. The singing bridesmaids are (l-r) Linda, 20, Coleen, 14, Maureen, 25, Bernadette 'Bernie', 18 and Denise, 27.   (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)
The Nolan Sisters at Anne's wedding to Brian Wilson. (PA Images via Getty Images)

She said: "I wanted my life to end. It wasn’t my choice for Brian to divorce me and I remember I went out in the car once at 4am, it was lashing with rain and I turned off my windscreen wipers because I just didn’t want to live any more."

However, Anne said she turned the wipers back on after around 10 seconds and that she now sees a psychiatrist to help with anxiety about dying.

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