Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke 'never had a fallout'

Linda Robson remains firm friends with Pauline Quirke credit:Bang Showbiz
Linda Robson remains firm friends with Pauline Quirke credit:Bang Showbiz

Linda Robson has "never" had a fallout with Pauline Quirke.

The 64-year-old actress and Pauline, 62, previously starred together in 'Birds of a Feather' and despite recent rumours, Linda insists they remain good friends.

In response to the speculation, Linda explained: "It’s a load of old s*** that we had a fallout.

"We have not fallen out and we have never fallen out. I have been best friends with her since we were ten years of age. We never fell out."

Linda and Pauline recently reunited with their former 'Birds of a Feather' co-star Lesley Joseph to discuss the possibility of a comeback.

Linda - who played Tracey Stubbs in the sitcom - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I was out for lunch with Pauline last Friday in London, The Delaunay, and it was discussed."

The classic sitcom was originally broadcast on the BBC between 1989 and 1998, before it was revived by ITV from 2014 until 2016, before a one-off Christmas special in 2020.

And Linda admits that her "loyalty" is now with ITV.

Speaking about a potential comeback, she said: "It is now up to ITV, isn’t it? It started on BBC and then we went to ITV. We could go to the BBC, but our loyalty is with ITV as they took us back after all that time."

Pauline declined to appear in the 2020 Christmas special, and Linda previously claimed that she wanted to quit acting.

Linda - who has also starred on 'Loose Women' over the last decade - explained: "Obviously I couldn't see her during lockdown but I've seen her since. She just doesn't want to act anymore. She's had enough - it's long hours.

"She's concentrating on her drama academies. She's very hands on, going to classes and all that."