‘Line of Duty’: Stephen Graham accidentally reveals spoiler during ‘One Show’ appearance

Stephen Graham technically gave away a ‘Line of Duty’ spoiler on ‘The One Show’ (BBC One)
Stephen Graham technically gave away a ‘Line of Duty’ spoiler on ‘The One Show’ (BBC One)

Line of Duty is one of the most popular series on television at the moment, with millions tuning in to the BBC One crime drama every week. But those who aren’t up-to-date better steer clear of the cast’s promotional appearances if Stephen Graham’s slip on The One Show on Wednesday is anything to go by.

Graham, who plays D.S. John Corbett on the show, joined Matt Baker and Angelica Bell ahead of Sunday night’s series five finale. During his appearance, the hosts asked him how hard it is to keep the twists and turns a secret.

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“For anybody who is into the series watching it, we will have no spoilers here,” Bell assured viewers, before addressing Graham. “So, have you told anyone about the big secrets that will be revealed, or can you keep a secret?”

The 45-year-old then joked that he didn’t know anything himself, so it’s relatively easy not to blab. Baker wasn’t buying it, replying: “Did you not ask? You didn’t want to find out at all?”

Look at the way I’m looking at you,” Graham teased. “Am I lying or not?”

When it was clear they weren’t going to get anything out of him regarding the upcoming episode, Baker and Bell quizzed Graham on fan interactions and asked whether people come up to him on the street to talk about Line of Duty specifically.

“I’ve been working, so I haven’t been home that much,” he began, before gesturing across his neck. “But people have been coming up to me in the street, and people have come up to me and gone: ‘I hate the way you got your throat…”

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Realising he may have just ruined a major plot point for those who haven’t seen episodes four and five of the latest instalment yet, Graham cut himself off and grinned, “Yeah. They’re really good. They just come up to me and say. ‘Who’s H?'”

Line of Duty follows Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), D.I. Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), D.S. Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), as they attempt to discover the link between missing undercover officer Corbett and an enigmatic Organised Crime Group. It concludes on BBC One on Sunday 5 May at 9pm.