Liverpool is at its best when the sun comes out but one change is needed

People drinking in the street outside a pub on Fleet Street in Liverpool
-Credit: (Image: Liverpool Echo)

After a bleak start to the summer, this week's very brief heatwave was very welcome.

Everywhere feels better in the sunshine and Liverpool is no exception. Our city is at its best when the sun bounces off the Mersey and shines on the Three Graces.

And when the sun comes out, there are few more attractive prospects than going for a drink. Enjoying a crisp, cool lager in a beer garden or terrace on a sunny evening is one of life's great pleasures.

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If you're after a beer in the sun in the north of the city, The Black Horse on County Road, The Windsor on Walton Vale and The Sandon in Anfield are fine choices for a beer garden. In the south end, the gardens at The Aigburth Arms, The Childwall Abbey and The Dovedale Towers all trap the sun wonderfully.

There are many more around Merseyside - Liverpool's suburbs are blessed with great beer gardens. But when it comes to the city centre itself, I think we need more sun traps, especially in the evenings, once you've clocked off and want to escape the office for some sunshine.

Free State Kitchen's beer garden on Maryland St in Liverpool
Free State Kitchen's beer garden on Maryland St in Liverpool -Credit:Liverpool Echo

If you're in town, there's some good options for an al-fresco beer - Dead Crafty's outside tables mean you can enjoy a sunny pint on Dale Street after 5pm and the Stanley Street terrace at the GPO gets some of the evening light. Elsewhere, The Bombed Out Church beer garden is a gem and The Vines' external seating gets the best of the afternoon sun, but the outside is not that pub's main draw at all.

The Roscoe Street Grapes' small roof terrace is a nice place to drink and The Kazimier Gardens is a treat when it catches the sun. Though it is a burger restaurant, The Free State Kitchen on Maryland Street may well boast the best beer garden in the city centre.

As good as those places are, I'd like to see more sun traps in town. Granted, the ever-growing number of tower blocks and apartment buildings mean that finding a sunny spot can be difficult - especially after work when the sun is dropping.

For me, any spot that does get the sun in the evening would be best used as a beer garden. Those of us who work in offices need a definitive spot to flock to when 5pm arrives and the sun is still out.

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