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Living the high life: Pilot’s amazing photos from the cockpit

The Milky Way over Brazil. (Photo: Christiaan van Heijst/Caters News)

Living the high life: Pilot's amazing photos from the cockpit

If you’re bored of life on the road, these pictures of a pilot’s life will make you green with envy. Christiaan van Heijst certainly seems to be living the high life and has taken numerous photos to give people a view from the cockpit.

The Boeing 747-8 cargo plane pilot has seen thunderstorms, shooting stars and sunsets from up above the clouds and has looked down on mountaintops, carpets of cloud and cities lit up at night.

The incredible pictures give a glimpse of the view from the pilots are treated to every day.

Van Heijst, 34, from Haarlem in the Netherlands, said: “All photos together create a much bigger picture of what it’s like to fly high up in the empty skies, an isolated vastness where humans or animals naturally have no place to be.

“One of the fascinating aspects of flying for me is being in this vast and nearly empty world that is completely alien for human beings and can only be seen and experienced when flying a modern airplane.

“There is a powerful and peaceful sense of solitude about it while sitting in a small cockpit, 38,000 feet up in the sky with a vista that extends thousands of miles from horizon to horizon and not another human being close for hundreds of miles, except my colleague, of course.

“Views that are unique and never to be seen again, I just feel I have to capture and share them, before they are gone for good.”

Van Heijst has been mesmerized by flying since he was 4 years old. He started working toward getting his pilot’s license at 18.

He always kept his camera with him as he began flying, and after more than 14 years as a professional pilot he has honed his photography technique. (Caters News)

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