Local Tory student group suspended by Warwick University over Nazi song row

The "reprehensible" video by the Warwick Conservation Association was shared online
-Credit: (Image: Coventry Telegraph)

The University of Warwick has suspended a student group after a video emerged showing members singing a Nazi marching song at an event. The video was taken at a black-tie dinner hosted by Warwick University Conservative Association (UWCA), The Sunday Times reported.

A university spokesperson described the behaviors in the video as "reprehensible" and has launched an inquiry which will take up to 90 days. The UWCA has apologised for the footage which shows guests dancing to Erika, a song that has been adopted by white supremacists.

In a statement, the group said the song was requested by an individual who is now banned from future events and that most of the guests were unaware of the song's connotations, and they would "fully cooperate" with the investigation by the university.

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The Sunday Times reported that a leaked video showed attendees at the event dancing and laughing.

It is alleged that some members later chanted “Kill the Hughs”, apparently substituting the word “Jews” with the first name of the recently departed association chairman Hugh Herring, and declared “Heil the chairman”, according to the newspaper.

The university added that "antisemitism has no place on our campus" with members of the UWCA consistently campaigning against antisemitism on campus and would continue to stand against discrimination.

The Union of Jewish Students previously said the black-tie event's "blatant and unchallenged support for Nazism" was "utterly abhorrent" and expected decisive action on the matter: "Glorification of the Nazis has no place in our society and it is in no way acceptable and must be widely condemned".

A spokesperson for the University of Warwick said: "Antisemitism has no place on our campus and the behaviour depicted in the video is reprehensible.

"In line with university policy, we have initiated an externally led investigation and will share the findings once they are available. To ensure that the investigation is as robust as this issue deserves, we allow for up to 90 days to complete the investigation.

"Warwick SU has suspended the activities of Warwick Conservative Association whilst the investigation is carried out. Should appropriate action be necessary following the conclusion of the investigation, we will not hesitate to act.

"We encourage anyone affected by the allegations to report their concerns via our Report + Support service."

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