Locals Alarmed as Adult Turns Back on Toddler at Dangerous English Pier

Locals in the English seaside town of Scarborough were alarmed as they witnessed a toddler falling over after a large wave crashed against a particularly dangerous pier, footage shared on April 10 shows.

Michelle Dickens shared the footage showing a small child in a red jacket standing alongside an adult at the pier before a wave crashes and drenches them.

The adult in a dark coat turns their back while the child disappears for a second under the water. The adult then retrieves the child before a second wave arrives.

“As a local person, my family and I know the dangers of the sea, The seas here are unpredictable, so one minute it looks calm, next minute a massive wave. Unfortunately a few deaths have happened here,” Dickens told Storyful.

Two children and their mother died in March of 2005 after they were swept out to sea in Scarborough’s North Bay, according to reports.

“When we witness anything like this it really does shock us. As far as I am aware, somebody did speak to the family and nobody was injured this time. But it could have easily been a different story,” she added. Credit: Michelle Dickens via Storyful