Londoner finds Wetherspoon's 'longest ever chip' that gets round of applause in Camden beer garden

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A chip - so lengthy it might emerge from your bottom before you had finished eating it - was applauded by awestruck strangers at a Wetherspoon's pub in North London. The grotesquely long pomme frite caused quelle surprise among drinkers at The Ice Wharf in Camden, one of Wetherspoon's most popular watering holes located along the banks of Regent's Canal.

In a video shared on TikTok, the chip's beneficiary lifted her plank of fried potato for all to see, generating a round of applause, cheers, and even some laughter at the freakish proportions of her king size carb. After nods of appreciation from a clapping diner across the pathway, and a cry of 'Oh my God', the chip was returned to its plate alongside its lesser cousins.

While there appears to have been no official measurement of the chip, MyLondon suspects it may be longer than 30cm (or 12inches), owing to a large beer bottle that briefly appears alongside it during the video. There is currently no Guinness World Record for the longest chip from a single potato, but the Wetherspoon's whopper may well have smashed some recent hopefuls.

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In 2020, a man from York found a seven inch crinkle cut in a bag of McCain's as he prepared chicken, chips, and salad for his family. Then in 2021, a lad from Lincolnshire found an 8.66 inch chip in a bag of Morrison's frozen fries. That record stood for two years until 2023, when a nine-year-old boy from Wales discovered a nine incher that was bigger than his own head.

In January this year, a West Midlands man thought he'd found an even longer chip which measured up to nine inches while it was still frozen into a curve. If the chip found at The Ice Wharf really is 12 inches, as MyLondon suspects after studying the video from various angles, it could represent a major step forward for British people finding long chips.

In the comments, people also enjoyed how the food item brought pub-goers closer. "I love it when strangers come together for a few seconds," said one user. "Beer gardens are magic," added another. "I love England," said a third.

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