Lonely resident becomes last living in entire block in Coventry

Ribbon Court in Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Stanley Simms)

One resident remains living in their home in sheltered accommodation in Coventry after all others were moved out of the building as new plans for it are put forward. Only one resident remains in Ribbon Court in Foleshill, which GreenSquareAccord have asked for the go-ahead to turn into temporary accommodation for families.

Thirty-six other people who lived at the 50-flat block, prioritised for the elderly, have been moved to permanent homes in the city, with one choosing to move to London, the group said. A report filed last week said two residents were remaining at the site and the group confirmed yesterday that one tenant is still there.

They say they are working with the council to move the resident to a new home. People living in the scheme were said to be left in tears when they were handed eviction notices last August. They were given until October 20 to leave, and the housing provider confirmed the service would shut by then.


Elderly residents in tears as they're told to leave their homes as sheltered housing complex in Coventry set to close

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Asked why the scheme is still operating now despite the original deadline date, the group said it had been working with remaining residents to find them a home. Plans said the building, which opened in 2010, "struggled" to get enough residents with care packages for it to be financially viable.

It added that if the bid is not approved, the building will "shortly be empty." The block was designed as a scheme for older people but will house homeless families under the new plans revealed by the group last year.

Coventry Council House
Coventry Council House -Credit:Tom Davis

GreenSquareAccord said at the time it was working closely with the council on the plans, including support for residents. The latest plans are not to change the building physically but would allow it to house a wider range of people.

Coventry council will make the decision on the scheme. Plans can be viewed under reference: PL/2024/0000935/FUL.

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