'Lonely and sad' dog Baby looking for new home at grand age of 16

Baby the dog who is in the care of Hull Animal Welfare Trust
Baby the dog needs someone special to 'mend her broken heart' -Credit:Hull Animal Welfare Trust

A very old dog in Hull is looking for a calm home where she can retire after coming into a rescue centre due to her previous owner's illness.

Baby, age 16, is described as a "broken hearted little girl" after coming into the care of Hull Animal Welfare Trust. She was "very much loved" in her previous home and had a close bond with her owner.

Despite her advanced years, she is described as a "sprightly" dog who is still fairly active and likes a little walk. The rescue is hoping to adopt her into a calm home with no children or pets where someone is around most of the time to give her all the fuss she deserves.


In a Facebook post, Hull Animal Welfare Trust said: "Poor Baby is now lonely and sad. She is looking for a new home at the grand old age of 16 years as sadly her owner was too ill to continue caring for her needs.

"She has been very much loved in the years with her owner and this really is extremely sad for both sides. We are desperate to find a home for little baby as a quickly as we can so that she can settle, readjust, and bond with a new owner.

Baby the dog is 16 years old but still 'loves to be pottering about'
Baby the dog is 16 years old but still 'loves to be pottering about' -Credit:Hull Animal Welfare Trust

"She is only a small girlie who, despite her years is still sprightly and loves to be pottering about. We are looking for a pet and child free, calm household for Baby where someone is at home for a large proportion of the time so that she can spend her days with love and company."

The rescue asked anyone who can offer her a home to get in touch as "soon as possible." It added: "Please help us to mend her broken heart."

If you meet the requirements and can offer Baby a home, call Hull Animal Welfare Trust on 01430 423986.