The longest direct flight in the world is about to launch from Singapore to New York

Singapore Airlines wants to fly passengers directly to New York (Picture: Rex)

The world’s longest non-stop flight is about to launch and will have passengers in the air for 19 hours.

Singapore Airlines will be the first commercial carrier to use the incoming Airbus A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft when it is unveiled later this year.

The airline plans to fly its passengers from Singapore to New York without stopping, covering almost 10,000 miles in 19 hours.

The airline says the flight will take 19 hours (Picture: Rex)

The new plane can fly up to 11,150 miles, about 1,800 more than the standard A350.

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There will only be two classes available on the Singapore to New York flight – business and premium economy.


Travel and Leisure reported that the aircraft will be “fitted with lighting to combat jet lag and an air circulation system that renews the air every two minutes”.

The title of longest flight in the world is currently held by Qatar Airways, which flies passengers from Auckland in New Zealand to Doha in Qatar, spanning 9,000 miles in 18 hours.

Qantas flies passengers from Perth, Australia to London, England, in just over 17 hours, covering a similar distance.

Singapore Airlines has reportedly ordered seven of the new jets, and will also introduce a 15-hour direct flight to Los Angeles in 2019.