This Office Has A Permanent ‘Bring Your Pet To Work’ Day To Relax Staff

One Chinese company has found a way to bust its employees stress: let them bring their pets to work. 

What started as a one-off ‘fun day’ has become an agency-wide rule after the boss noticed that employees were more relaxed and bonded with each other over their pets. 

One of the agency’s new creatives says good morning

Zhao Congchong, who heads up the online advertising agency in the Changning district of Shanghai, explained, “As a pet lover myself, I know what a difference it can make to have it around. 

Hope this little guy has remembered to do his timesheets

“But I also know it can have a negative impact on productivity,” he added, “So I did not make this decision lightly." 

A hard day at the coalface

After consulting with the staff, he agreed to allow pets in the office every day, and now dogs, cats, and guinea pigs run wild between the office chairs. 

Zhao added: "Right now the animals just roam freely amongst our staff – they really do make our work less stressful. 

Breaktime for this corgi

"But I plan on allocating an office as a specialised pet area in the future, so they can play and rest on their own." 

Reports said a number of other start-up companies are now considering a similar policy as well.

‘I haven’t got those reports for you yet - can you give me another ten minutes?’

All images: CEN