'Look for this' warning as hidden fees can add hundreds to the cost of a holiday

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As the summer holiday season approaches, travellers are being warned about a rise in "hidden fees". While it's tempting to grab the cheapest deal, unexpected charges can creep in at the booking stage, sometimes for the smallest things. Fortunately, there are some clever tips and tricks to help avoid these hidden costs, leaving you with more spending money for your trip.

Trevor Baker, a senior researcher at Which?'s travel department, highlighted some of the top 'hidden fees' holidaymakers might face when travelling abroad. n the latest episode of Which's Get Answers podcast, he explained: "It depends what sort of holiday you're thinking about. There are two ways to book a holiday; one is to do it yourself and the other is to book a package."

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"And if you're doing it all yourself, that's when you basically have to be a walking calculator and spot all the fees that they're going to try and add to your booking. The classic ones are, with the airlines, so-called low-cost airlines, will charge you extra not just to put a suitcase in the hold but even to take a bag and put it in the overhead locker. They will also try and charge you to sit next to your travel companion."

A consumer expert has warned that budget airlines, including the likes of Ryanair and Easyjet, often lure customers with seemingly low prices that are quickly bumped up by hidden fees. This is a common tactic seen in holiday deals through platforms such as Google Flights and Skyscanner, reports the Express.

The expert cited an example where a WizzAir flight charged passengers £45 each way just to use the overhead locker for their suitcase, significantly raising the total cost of their trip. To avoid these surprise charges, travellers are advised to carry out a "mock booking".

About the hidden costs, the expert advised: "The only way to guarantee you're going to get a set price is to do a mock booking, so kind of go through it, work out what you want to add then decide 'okay well that's going to cost me that much' and then go back to the beginning and think 'well maybe I'll choose the option where everything's already included and will that be cheaper or not'."