Dale Winton death: Looking back at the Supermarket Sweep star's iconic 90s outifts

Ilana Kaplan
Credit: YouTube: Credit: YouTube

Dale Winton was arguably at his career peak in the '90s. The late TV presenter was on family favourite shows like Supermarket Sweep and Just a Minute - and stood out for his bold blazers and outlandish tie choices.

Looking back, it's unclear if he left the power-dressing suits of the '80s behind at all during the early 90s as he emerged as a household name.

In honour of Winton, we looked back through the archives at some of his most memorable outfits from Supermarket Sweep.

Pretty in pink

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Winton's pink blazer was bold, boxy and just a bit too big for him. But we can't help but admire how he tried to pull off the look.

He paired the one-tone plain blazer with a busy black tie with white spirals, so at least some thought went into the ensemble.

The ultimate '80s tie

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Looking at Winton's 1993 tie will send you down a rabbit hole of the '80s; think: Flashdance meets Three Men and a Baby.

But given the dingy beige jacket, at least it'll stop him from blending in with the root vegetables in the produce aisle nearby.

Keen on green

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This look perhaps marks the very pinnacle of his sartorial boldness. That's right, in 1993 he paired an olive blazer with a palm tree tie in his dressing room and decided to run with it.

It's hard to know exactly how to describe this look - but Leprechaun-meets-Miami-Vice seems close enough.

And he wasn't even the most brightly dressed in the studio that day - that honour belongs to this contestant.

Mellow yellow

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On a rare occasion where Winton ditched his suit-jacket, he ended up matching with a contestant (and the lemons in the background) thanks to his pale yellow button-down.

Buying a shirt a couple of sizes smaller could have been a useful, too.

Shades of suede

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In 1997, Winton tried his hand at an early cowboy look. His suede sports coat may have been his boldest look yet.

He would later go on to embrace the black ensemble seen lurking underneath the flowing jacket.

Strong tie game

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1998 once again reminded us that Winton really brought the strongest of tie games.

This kipper tie wouldn't have looked amiss in a cop movie from the 1970s.

The millennium goth era

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By the time the 2000s hit, he finally left it all behind, swapping boxy, oversized pastel colours for an all-black ensemble - topped with a shiny black leather jacket.

British fashion will never be the same again.