Will Lopez Vs. Lopez Return For Season 3 Following Season 2 Finale? Here's What We Know About NBC's Comedy Slate

 Mayan Lopez and George Lopez in Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2x09.
Mayan Lopez and George Lopez in Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2x09.

There's no more stressful time of year to be a TV fan than the spring, when the fates of favorite shows are decided. Lopez vs. Lopez, which teamed legendary comedian George Lopez with real-life daughter Mayan Lopez for primetime, ends its second season on April 30 without any news of a future beyond the 2024 TV schedule. So, with the show on the bubble, let's look at Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2, the other comedies that have not yet been renewed, and what NBC's schedule could look like for the fall.

Lopez Vs. Lopez Season 2

The second season of Lopez vs. Lopez debuted not too long after George Lopez received a Lifetime Achievement Award, which prompted the comedy legend as well as daughter Mayan and showrunner Debby Wolfe to open up about how much the industry has changed over the course of his career. Unfortunately, his off-screen accomplishments didn't translate to Season 3 renewal ahead of the second season finale. The wait is still on.

On the whole, that shouldn't be taken as a sign of doom for fans of Lopez vs. Lopez. It was one of NBC's three comedies for the early months of 2024, and neither of the other two have been renewed at the time of writing either.

That said, it's not lost on me that while Night Court and Extended Family aired one episode weekly for their second and first seasons, respectively, NBC quickly burned through the ten-episode Season 2 of Lopez vs. Lopez within the month of April, with two episodes each Tuesday night.

NBC's Full Comedy Slate

NBC's lineup was light on laughs in 2024 following the WGA writers strike, with Night Court, Extended Family, and Lopez vs. Lopez as the only sitcom options, and the latter not arriving until April. At the time of writing, Night Court is not yet set for a third season despite a successful Season 2, and Extended Family – boasting sitcom veterans Jon Cryer, Donald Faison, and Mike O'Malley – is also on the list of series not yet renewed or cancelled.

The most recent report from Deadline on all three shows' renewal odds stated that Night Court was most likely to be renewed, with conversations happening with production company Warner Bros TV. Extended Family (which made some huge BTS changes) and Lopez vs. Lopez were listed as on the bubble, although it's worth noting that this most recent report was from mid-April. There have been no updates since more episodes of George Lopez's show have aired.

NBC's 2024-2025 TV Schedule

While the network has not yet announced a full schedule for the TV season starting in the fall, there is enough information for some guesses. Despite renewing mainstays like One Chicago and two of the three Law & Order shows early on, Quantum Leap was cancelled, and La Brea ended after an abbreviated third season. Those are the only scripted cancellations at the time of writing, although Law & Order: Organized Crime is reportedly moving to streaming for Peacock subscribers.

And there are currently two sitcoms in the works: St. Denis Medical, starring Wendi Mclendon-Covey in her first new post-Goldbergs role, and a potential sitcom starring The Voice's Reba McEntire. The former was intended for a spot in the 2023-2024 TV schedule before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, while McEntire's project has not yet received a series order.

So, while there will be some vacancies in NBC's lineup due to shows that ended, were cancelled, or (probably) moved to streaming, there are also some other shows in the works. It's possible that the fate of Lopez vs. Lopez could depend on the network's reactions to the Reba McEntire pilot, but unfortunately, we can only wait and hope for good news.

I wish there were more definitive facts to share, but it's a waiting game for now. You can always revisit earlier episodes of Lopez vs. Lopez streaming, with the full first season available with a Netflix subscription and both seasons so far with a Peacock subscription.