Lord Heseltine warns that the future of the Union will be a 'running sore'

Staff writer

Lord Heseltine said on LBC that the state of the Union is "deeply worrying".

Matt Frei asked the former Deputy PM: "Is the future of the Union in doubt?"

Lord Heseltine replied: "I believe it is and that was an argument, not all, not the whole argument for resisting Brexit. There's no doubt the results in Scotland and Northern Ireland are deeply worrying."

Frei asked: "So where does this end up? I mean, he said she can't get a referendum on Scottish independence. Nicola Sturgeon is insisting on one. Where do we end up on this one?"

Heseltine said: "Time will tell because you don't know and I don't know. But that it will be a running sore is I think absolutely predictable."