Lord Sugar says he will leave the country if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister

Chris Edwards
Lord Sugar says he will leave the country is Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM

Lord Alan Sugar has revealed that he will leave the country if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes the Prime Minister. 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, the business tycoon and star of The Apprentice spoke about the government’s vote of no confidence in PM Theresa May, and the growing possibility of a general election. 

Sugar then told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ever makes it into 10 Downing Street, he will leave the country. 

“I’ll come on record here and make a statement,” he began. “As much as I hate this, if he [Corbyn] becomes Prime Minister of this country, I am out. I’m leaving.”

Asked by Reid if it has anything to do with tax, he replied: “It has nothing to do with tax. I worry about my grandchildren, I worry about my grandchildren’s children under this fella.

“If he was the Prime Minister it would be like the mother-in-law driving the Ferrari over the cliff.”

Stunned by his comments, Morgan drew attention to the fact that it was a major statement to make for someone who was born and bred and started their business here in the UK.

Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan debated Theresa May’s Brexit plan

Sugar and Morgan also got into a heated debate over Theresa May’s Brexit plan, with the presenter asking: “If you looked at her as a leader on The Apprentice, you would have fired her by now?”

Sugar replied: “No not really”, before becoming slightly annoyed with Morgan and stating: “Excuse me, don’t put words into my mouth mate.”

The Apprentice star also took the opportunity to describe President Donald Trump as “that t*sser’, breaking the 9pm watershed.

After Morgan pressed Sugar on how much money he has in comparison to the President, Sugar said: “I could write a cheque for £250 million. That t*sser with the hair couldn’t do that.”

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