'GMB' viewers defend Susanna Reid as Lord Sugar criticises her appearance

Susanna Reid’s appearance was criticised by Lord Sugar
Susanna Reid’s appearance was criticised by Lord Sugar

Good Morning Britain viewers jumped to Susanna Reid’s defence today (November 14) after Lord Alan Sugar made a peculiar jibe at her appearance.

The business tycoon and star of The Apprentice took to Twitter this morning to complain about the presenter’s colourful dress, which he claimed was making his TV ‘pulsate’ and giving him a migraine.

Oddly, the tweet itself was addressed to Reid’s co-presenter Piers Morgan.

It read: “Piersy can you tell @susannareid100 her psychedelic dress is making the tv screen pulsate and giving me a migraine. Your tie is a very bland contrast. @piersmorgan”

And viewers couldn’t help but have a little fun with the outspoken businessman after his bold remarks.

Joking that he must have been watching the show on an Amstrad TV – Lord Sugar himself founded the electrical goods company in 1968 – viewers quickly jumped to Reid’s defence.

Other viewers criticised Lord Sugar’s right to comment on Reid’s appearance, mocking his own fashion sense.

One viewer tweeted: “You should tell him to try fashion instead of wearing the same old suits all the time lol would be shocking if we saw him jeans lol”

While another wrote: “Lord Sugar, you wore a brown suit with a green shirt and tie the other week on apprentice. You looked like a mint chocolate. Glass houses and stones springs to mind.”

And some viewers noted how strange it was that Lord Sugar was asking Morgan to tell Reid about the dress, with one person writing: “Man tells man to tell woman to change… I’ve read this book before. It was set in the 1800s.”

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