Lorraine Kelly piled on weight amid lockdown

Lorraine Kelly put on weight amid lockdown credit:Bang Showbiz
Lorraine Kelly put on weight amid lockdown credit:Bang Showbiz

Lorraine Kelly went up "two dress sizes" during lockdown.

The 62-year-old TV presenter has revealed she piled on weight during the COVID-19 lockdown, and she ultimately found herself eating "platters of chocolate every night at 8pm".

She admitted: "It went from a tiny square [of chocolate] to a whole bar."

Lorraine admits her weight gain has undermined her confidence.

The veteran presenter told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "At the moment, even if I was invited to a red carpet event, I just wouldn't have the confidence to go.

"Not even if George Clooney was waiting for me naked with a rose between his teeth."

Lorraine's weight gain ultimately meant she wasn't able to fit into her clothes, either.

She said: "Slowly the weight piles on - it's not overnight. I noticed because I was going to work and I couldn't fit into my clothes."

And although Lorraine insists there's "nothing wrong" with being a size 14, she feels she's been carrying too much weight.

Reflecting on her weight gain, she explained: "There is nothing wrong with being a size 14, but my body is supposed to be a 10.

"On 'Lorraine', we have models who are size 14, 16, 18, and they are perfectly proportioned, they’re perfectly healthy.

"I’ve got friends that are teeny tiny, and that’s great, that’s where they’re supposed to be. But I’m supposed to be a 10. If was an eight, I wouldn’t look good."

Lorraine also thinks it's important to strike a balance in her diet.

The TV star knows she can still enjoy the occasional treat while maintaining a healthy weight.

She said: "You can balance it all out. You can have the biscuit, you can have the cake ... just don’t eat the whole bleeding cake!"