Los Angeles fire: 100 fire-fighters tackle huge blaze at apartment building in Pico Rivera

Jeremy B White
A three-alarm fire in a three-story apartment complex in Pico Rivera, California: KABC-TV via AP

One person was injured after a massive fire broke out at an apartment complex near Los Angeles.

Some 100 firefighters responded to the three-alarm blaze in Pico Rivera, according to reports. Officials said they had successfully evacuated residents.

Firefighters were forced to exit the building and go into “defensive mode” to battle the flames, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

Responders were directing streams of water from multiple directions, including from an adjacent roof.

A shared attic allowed the flames to spread quickly across the complex, officials said.

Footage from the scene showed thick back clouds of smoke billowing from flames consuming the building’s roof.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department was assisting in efforts to aid people affected by the fire, directing evacuees to shelter. The Red Cross also dispatched volunteers to help evacuees.

Southern California has endured an unusually intense series of wildfires in recent months, including around Los Angeles County, with dry and unseasonably warm weather helping to feed the flames.