Lost bearded dragon found in Grimsby garden still looking for her owner

A bearded dragon at Exotics Of The World  - not the same one that has been found
-Credit: (Image: Exotics Of The World Ltd)

An exotic pet shop is on a mission to return a bearded dragon to her owner after being found in Grimsby.

The adult female bearded dragon was discovered in a back garden in the vicinity of Wroxham Avenue last Thursday, May 16. She is now in the care of Exotics Of The World Ltd.

Unfortunately, she is yet to be reunited with her family. The pet shop in Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, rescues and rehomes reptiles but because this bearded dragon is in great condition it's believed she is a much-loved pet rather than an abandoned animal.


Bearded dragons make popular pets because they are one of the more docile reptiles and are easy to tame. But they need to live in a carefully planned enclosure that provides the right levels of heat, UV light, and humidity.

Ashley Norma, owner of Exotics of the World Ltd, said: "Basically we got a message on our Facebook page to say that somebody had found a bearded dragon in their garden. She's in really good condition so we thought it best to try and get in touch with her owner."

The owner of the bearded dragon (which is not the same one as in the picture) is required to provide photographs of her as proof. "She's got quite distinctive markings," said Ash. The bearded dragon also has a saggy beard, which Ash says could be because of her weight or age.

He added: "She's got perfect body condition, has been well-fed and clearly loved by someone." Anyone who has lost a female bearded dragon is urged to get in touch with Exotics Of The World either on Facebook Messenger or by phoning the shop on 601322.

In the original Facebook post, the shop said: "Hi all, it's been a busy couple of days here again. We have a bearded dragon that has been found and we'd really like to reunite it with her owner.

"Proof of the dragon must be supplied through photographs. The animal has distinct markings as well, so a description of the animal will be required.

"Please share this post to as many groups and pages as you possibly can. Let's get her home!"