Lost dog rescued from mudflats after being lured back to safety by a sausage attached to a drone

A lost dog was rescued from mudflats and lured back to safety after a rescue team dangled a sausage from a drone. Millie, a three-year-old Jack Russell, went missing in reed beds near Emsworth, Hampshire, on January 13. She was spotted in a dangerous area of mudflats and was in danger of drowning. But every time members of the coastguard, fire service, police, and volunteer rescue team - some in kayaks - tried to reach the pooch, they were unsuccessful. On day three on the rescue mission, Denmead Drone Search and Rescue Group had the genius idea of hanging a sausage from a drone. They flew in close to Millie, and lured the pet off dangerous territory and back to safety. Millie's owner Emma Oakes was relieved to be reunited with Millie, who slipped the lead during a walk and ran off. Denmead Drone Search and Rescue Group was formed three years ago to help missing pets and people. A spokesperson for the group said: "After employing the expertise of some locals, we were told if Millie wasn't moved within a few hours she would have been cut off, and the area she was in underwater, with drowning highly likely. "We had to think fast. "One of our fully qualified drone pilots suggested attaching food to the drone, to try and lure her out of the danger area. "After checking CAA regulations, and the maximum take-off weight of the drone we had 6oz to play with, so we attached a 2 oz sausage to the drone. "We did a risk assessment on the area, and then flew the drone out to her. We didn't think it would work, but it did."

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