Lost and 'Vulnerable' Woman Found by UK Police Using Drone

A “vulnerable” and “confused” woman was found using a drone and rescued by UK police officers after being spotted walking through an industrial site in Gravesend, in southeastern England, late at night on April 30, according to Kent Police.

Police said the lone woman was spotted walking toward a river over “uneven mounds of sand,” and was “in danger of becoming seriously injured, either through falling or inadvertently stepping into the water.”

Due to “pitch black” conditions, drone pilot PC Andy Green used thermal imagery to find the woman and then guided officers, who made contact with her just after midnight, police said.

The woman was found uninjured but “in a confused state,” and police determined that she became lost while making her way home.

“The drone was of vital importance in safely locating this woman, who was in serious danger of getting hurt,” said drone pilot PC Green, according to Kent Police. Credit: Kent Police via Storyful

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