Lotto Blunder As Bosses Publish Wrong Winning Numbers

Lottery bosses have been forced to apologise after publishing the wrong winning numbers.

Frustrated players were left wondering whether they had won a prize in the £19million draw after the numbers appeared on their website.

Friday night’s Euromillions draw saw 5 and 8 picked out as the Lucky Star numbers, but ticket holders checking online were told the numbers were 5 and 6.

Many were quick to spot the error, prompting enraged tweets to Euromillions bosses, Mail Online reports.

Fiona Blair wrote: ‘Looks like one of these sites made a lottery balls-up… were the lucky stars 5,8 or 5,6?’

’@TNLUK are going to have angry people today after the euromil draw. Website say Lucky stars are 5 & 6, they tweet 5 & 8… I got the latter!’ wrote user Da Silva Fox.

Another, Robert Campbell, wrote: ‘You’ve bumped me out of £2 what’s the right numbers, surely no that hard to look at 7 balls and then display what the draw has been?’

Bosses have now apologised and assured users that all winning tickets had received the right prize.

One player revealed how he thought he had won £3.20 only to discover his actual prize was £5.80.

He said: ‘I had checked the numbers myself on the Euromillions website and realised I had matched two numbers but didn’t have any Lucky Stars.

'I put the ticket aside as there no major rush to be claiming £3.20.

'But later in the week I checked a different ticket and spotted there was a message from the company saying they had put up the wrong numbers.’

He added: 'When I looked again at the site it showed tickets that had matched five Euromillion numbers had won £54,000.

'But if they had matched five and a Lucky Star then it was worth £327,000, a massive amount of money.

'I just hope no one had fallen foul of the number change and somehow lost out in a big way.’

There was no jackpot winner for Friday’s draw, or on Tuesday, meaning tomorrow night’s Euromillions jackpot is an estimated £31million.

Pictures from Fiona Blair/Twitter