Louis Theroux laments losing famous eyebrows to alopecia

The TV presenter joked he fears for his career and is considering tattooing his eyebrows back on.

Louis Theroux losing eyebrows (Instagram)
Louis Theroux has revealed he is losing eyebrows (Instagram)

Louis Theroux has revealed that he is losing his eyebrows to alopecia.

The 53-year-old investigative documentary presenter joked he fears for his career and is considering tattooing his eyebrows back on, so that he is able to raise them while conducting interviews.

Theroux shared on Instagram: "I’d like to know how I’m supposed to continue a career based largely on raising and lowering different eyebrows WITHOUT ANY EYEBROWS!! #alopecia I’m seriously thinking of getting them tattooed back on but it feels like a big step! Thoughts?"

Actor and comedian Rob Delaney shared that he had experienced the same condition and had had medical treatment to help them grow back.

The Catastrophe star replied to Theroux's post: "The serious alopecia areata on my face was (mostly) solved by cortisone shots in the bald areas & topical application of minoxidil.

"Beyond that you’ll look great without eyebrows or if you get some tattooed on. No right answer in my opinion! x"

Rob Delaney takes part in a protest by members of the British actors union Equity in Leicester Square, London, in solidarity with striking Hollywood members of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (Sag-Aftra). Picture date: Friday July 21, 2023. (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
Rob Delaney revealed he has had treatment for alopecia on his eyebrows. (Getty Images)

Alopecia areata is patchy hair-loss and is an auto-immune condition, in which the immune system attacks the body's own cells. Common causes are stress and vitamin deficiency.

Theroux is famous for his distinct style of TV presenting, often pressing interviewers to open up by expressing confusion at what they are telling him. He often says very little - but does move his eyebrows up and down in response to what people are telling him.

Louis Theroux Interviews Dame Joan Collins Mindhouse Productions Ltd
Louis Theroux raises his famous eyebrows as he meets Dame Joan Collins for his latest TV series. (BBC)

He rose to fame exploring off-beat topics in Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and began interviewing celebrities in his series When Louis Met..., for which famously interviewed Jimmy Savile in 2000.

He has previously referred to the experience as “the strangest and most upsetting event” of his career, admitting that he had “friendly feelings” towards Savile, who it has now been revealed sexually abused at least 72 children and women at the height of his fame.

In Theroux's latest series Louis Theroux interviews for BBC Two he has spoken to Dame Joan Collins, Anthony Joshua, Ashley Walters, Chelsea Manning, Pete Doherty and Raye.

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