Louise Redknapp: I won't tone down sexy videos for my kids

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Louise Redknapp won't tone down her sexy music videos just because htey embarass her sons. (Getty Images)

Louise Redknapp has said she will not tone down her raunchy music videos, however much they might embarrass her teenage sons.

The Naked singer – who is mother to 16-year-old Charley and 11-year-old Beau – recently admitted her children had not been comfortable with the video for her single Stretch, in which she appears wearing a high-cut leotard, gyrating on a chair and getting close to a topless male dancer.

But Redknapp, 45, told Yahoo UK: “They’ve said they don’t like the sexy videos, but hey – they don’t listen to me, I’m not listening to them!”

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The former Eternal singer – who split from sports presenter Jamie Redknapp in 2017 after 19 years of marriage – has been bonding with her sons over video gaming, after teaming up with eldest son Charley to take part in online gaming tournament the Cadbury Heroes League to compete against other families.

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Redknapp, who was a finalist in Strictly Come Dancing in 2016, said she has a very open relationship with her sons and has learnt to be up front with them about anything they might read about her.

She said: “I have a very open and honest relationship with my children. It’s just the way I am as a person.

“We don't really have any subjects that we don't talk about – they know that they can broach it with me and I will always give them an honest answer. Especially in my circumstances – so many things can be written about you, my kids always know that if they ask me, they get the truth.

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“I like to think we’re really good friends anyway, but I think doing this has made me more of a friend and more on a level with them which has been nice.”

Redknapp admitted it is good to find an activity, other than football, that she can join in with her sons.

She said: “What’s been really nice with this – rather than them shutting themselves away it’s become a universal thing in the house. The PlayStation has been moved into the lounge and it becomes a much more open space, rather than being shut away in the bedroom, doing it on their own.

“It’s actually making all of us spend a lot of time together – not just Chaz, but my youngest is always coming in to watch us.

“I think especially through lockdown, we’re still limited to what we can do. As a mum, even if the guys want to go out and play football, they don’t really want me doing that with them. So this has actually been really nice to spend a bit of time together, which has been really fun.”

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The Let’s Go Round Again singer said that having been on tour with her new album she enjoyed the overall lockdown experience with her kids, but admitted homeschooling had been tough.

She said: “I have to say it was tough. Tough getting your kids to homeschool indoors. We did it because we had to, and we were very fortunate that both the kids schools were doing lessons.

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“But you turn your back for five minutes and they’ve got their camera off, feet on the table, eating a packet of crisps.

“I’m pretty sure every mum went through that. And the horror of realising you’re not on mute and the whole class has heard the conversation in your kitchen!

Louise Redknapp performs on stage during the Isle of Wight festival at Seaclose Park, Newport. (Photo by David Jensen/PA Images via Getty Images)
Louise Redknapp enjoyed being at home during lockdown after touring. (Getty Images)

“It’s not easy homeschooling, especially when you’ve got boys that want to play sport.”

The singer admitted she is feeling pretty competitive about the Street Fighter V in the Cadbury Heroes League tournament.

She said: “I really want to win this – because my kids will never let me live it down if I don’t!”

A new study, commissioned by Cadbury, found that over half of parents said their attitude to their children gaming had changed during COVID-19 restrictions, with playing computer games bringing families closer together.

For the chance to connect with your family over gaming and Cadbury Heroes, visit Cadbury UK’s Facebook and Instagram pages or watch the tournament on Twitch on 14 November.

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