Louise Thompson reveals she 'didn't care' about newborn son after traumatic birth

Louise Thompson has opened up about the harrowing childbirth experience that saw her endure a traumatic labour, which resulted in an emergency caesarean section. Her son's head was trapped in her pelvis, leading to a distressing birth following a miscarriage she suffered in 2020.

The reality TV personality and fitness influencer lost a staggering three-and-a-half litres of blood when doctors struggled for over three hours to control a haemorrhage. It was later discovered that her womb had torn, causing the severe bleeding.

In a candid interview with MailOnline, Louise recounted the terrifying moments during the birth of her son Leo. She expressed: "I heard a cry as Leo came out, but I didn't care that I had a child. I genuinely believed every second I was bleeding to death. I kept turning to [my fiance] Ryan [Libbey] and asking him whether I was still alive I didn't believe I could be. No one gave us any reassurance; it was all like some sick nightmare."

She continued by sharing the impact of the medical team's actions on her state of mind: "'Everyone in the room looked very distressed, I could feel their shaky hands on my body. If they'd allowed me to have a planned c-section, things could have been very different."

Louise endured multiple transfusions post-delivery and was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD, leading her to a dark place where she admitted: "I didn't care if I died. I just wanted someone else to kill me because I didn't have the confidence to do it myself.", reports the Mirror.

The celeb went on to describe her state of constant fear and loss of self, saying: "I was in a state of perpetual fear and hyper-vigilance, unable to function for a large period of time, sitting on the sofa, completely losing my soul, my personality."

This emotional turmoil impacted her ability to mother her son Leo. She confessed: "I really was not a good parent for a very long time. For most of his first few months I couldn't have told you what he was doing or even who was looking after him. When I did see him, I would hold him at arm's length. I didn't talk or sing to him."

Louise Thompson's fiance Ryan Libbey
Louise Thompson's fiance Ryan Libbey

In January, Louise shared more health struggles with her fans, announcing, "Hey, look I've got a stoma," alongside a photo of herself with a grey bag. This came after the removal of her colon due to severe ulcerative colitis, which caused excruciating pain and blood loss following prolonged diarrhoea.

Louise now faces a lifetime with the stoma bag.

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