Love Island reveals new bombshell with kiss twist

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island has welcomed new bombshell Uma Jammeh into the villa in Wednesday's (June 5) episode, and she immediately stirred things up with a new kiss challenge.

The new twist took place towards the end of the episode when the Islanders were settling in for another evening in the villa.

Jess received a text instructing the girls to blindfold the boys for a game, but little did they know it was a game they wouldn't be partaking in.

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"Girls. It’s time for a game," Jess read out. "Blindfold your boy. Line them up by the pool, and then head to the terrace. #nopeeping."

The girls gathered the boys and lined them up by the pool, placing blindfolds on them before heading to the terrace. It was not long before the sound of footsteps could be heard, sparking a reaction from the girls as newcomer Uma entered the villa.

The new female Islander headed straight for the boys, snogging each one as part of the challenge, with the girls watching on in disbelief. Uma ultimately decided to take Ayo in the Hideaway.

Before she entered the villa, Uma explained that she wanted Love Island to transform her romantic life.

"Now is a good time for me, I’m young," she said. "I’ve been single for my whole life. It’s about time I’m not single anymore. I’m ready for a boyfriend!"

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The 23-year-old host and VIP model from London suggested she would bring a "positive vibe and happiness" to the show and predicted she'd be "the funniest girl in the villa".

Asked about any three celebrities she'd love to see in the villa, Uma said: "Theo James, I literally love him. Him, him and him!

"Probably the F1 driver Lando Norris. I like his personality; he’s really cheeky and funny. And then Keith Lemon — someone who can make me laugh!"

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Tuesday's episode saw the first 2024 contestant dumped from the island, after former The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex chose the girl he wanted to couple up with.

After spending time with the girls in the villa, the reality TV star decided to match with Samantha, resulting in Sam Taylor exiting the villa.

Sam admitted he was so "disappointed" to be leaving so soon, but felt his position on the show was jeopardised after Joey's entrance, saying: "When Joey walked in, I had a feeling I might be in trouble. Samantha is a stunning girl, and I knew that they would get on."

As of Tuesday night, the current couples are Samantha and Joey, Mimii and Munveer, Nicole and Sean, Jess and Ronnie, Patsy and Ayo, and Harriett and Ciaran.

Love Island airs on weeknights on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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