'Love Island' fans label Michael Owen's daughter Gemma 'rude' over awkward name discussion

Gemma Owen - Love Island 2022. (ITV)
Gemma Owen's Love Island debut did not go down well with viewers. (ITV)

Love Island viewers have called Michael Owen's daughter Gemma "rude" after an awkward exchange with another contestant about his name.

The former footballer's 19-year-old daughter is taking part in this year's ITV2 dating series, which began on Monday, but fans of the show didn't form the best first impression of her.

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Dressage rider Gemma was keen to share her own surname with some of the group during a chat on the first evening, but unsurprisingly none of them seemed to make the connection with her famous dad.

However, when fellow contestant Luca Bish explained that his Italian mum had chosen his first name which was paired with his English dad's surname, Gemma wasn't exactly complimentary about it.

Gemma and Liam were matched by the viewers. (ITV)
Gemma and Liam were matched by the viewers. (ITV)

Looking unimpressed as he said his surname was "not Bishop, just Bish", she told Luca in front of the group: "I feel like that's a bit unfortunate, I must say. Bish? Nah."

She pulled a face as someone else asked her: "Is that not a bit of you?"

Gemma answered: "Nah, not feeling it."

Fishmonger Luca then awkwardly tried to joke: "Yeah, Bish sells fish."

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The comment went down badly with viewers, who slammed her for her rudeness.

One person tweeted: "Nah Gemma is unnecessarily rude how can you say someone’s last name is unfortunate."

Luca's name was mocked by Gemma. (ITV)
Luca's name was mocked by Gemma. (ITV)

Someone else added: "Gemma is at that age where she thinks being rude is attractive."

Former Love Islander Shaughna Phillips commented: "So I thought Gemma was quite rude about Luca’s surname, but apparently that means she fancies him?"

Another viewer wrote: "The disappointment on Gemma's face when she said her surname was Owen and everyone didn't immediately go "OMG you must be Michael Owen's daughter" was the best TV moment in yonks!"

Earlier in the episode, contestants had been given the news that in a format twist, viewers had been voting for who they should be matched with so they would not get to choose their own partners.

Gemma kissed bombshell Davide during a dares game. (ITV)
Gemma kissed bombshell Davide during a dares game. (ITV)

Gemma looked unenthusiastic as she was partnered with Liam Llewellyn, who later asked her to do a lap dance during a dares challenge which she refused.

Viewers were also unimpressed by the way she spoke to Liam as he asked about her life, with influencer Grace Victory tweeting: "Right is it me or is Gemma rude?! I’m getting some bad vibes?"

Someone else commented: "Would sooner eat a pair of denim jeans than see Liam and Gemma interact with each other again."

In another twist, the first single bombshell, Davide Sanclimenti, entered the villa in Monday's episode and must choose a partner to steal - with Gemma giving every indication that she'd like it to be her, including kissing him during a dare.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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