'Love Island' fans outraged as Gemma Owen recouples with Davide Sanclimenti

Gemma and Davide recouple on Love Island. (ITV)
Gemma and Davide recouple on Love Island. (ITV)

It's a key part of Love Island every season, but the first recoupling in the 2022 series raised eyebrows amongst viewers for more than one reason.

Tuesday's episode saw bombshell contestant Davide Sanclimenti choose to couple up with Michael Owen's daughter Gemma, splitting up her very recent pairing with Welsh masters student Liam Llewellyn.

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Couples this year have been matched by show fans who voted for pairings before the series started, but despite Gemma and Liam not actually having chosen each other and recouplings being par for the course at the villa, viewers were not happy.

Dressage rider Gemma has already got on the wrong side of Love Island viewers who claimed that she came across as "rude" in her conversations with Liam, who she hadn't shown much enthusiasm towards, and to fishmonger Luca Bish as she told him his surname was "unfortunate" and she wasn't "feeling it".

Davide and Gemma spent the day getting to know each other. (ITV)
Davide and Gemma spent the day getting to know each other. (ITV)

So those watching the recoupling were outraged when she smiled as Davide picked her, accusing her of smirking.

One viewer tweeted: "I want Gemma to sweat I don’t like her lil smirk when she got chosen."

Someone else wrote: "Gemma’s smug smile when he picked her ugh."

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Another person added: "Gemma pretending she’s not happy, didn’t even give poor Liam a backward glance."

Liam gets a text after being dumped. (ITV)
Liam gets a text after being dumped. (ITV)

However, it wasn't the only thing bothering people - Italian Davide had spent the day getting to know Tasha Ghouri, 23, too, but the 27-year-old eventually opted to couple up with 19-year-old Gemma - which didn't sit right with some viewers.

Davide is so far unaware of her age and she hasn't yet told him that she is still a teenager.

One person tweeted: "Davide better not pick Gemma pls. She’s not your age mate."

Someone else wrote: "I find it so alarming that Gemma and Davide are together with an 8 year difference when she’s only just turned 19. It’s just a bit gross & no one’s mature at 19. I do think the minimum age for entering this show should be higher, there will be a difference in maturity."

Another viewer agreed: "The girls actually need to tell Davide Gemma's age bcus they're the only ones who know!"

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Watch: Love Island's Davide picks Gemma in first recoupling of series