Love Island fans all have the same reaction to Gemma finally mentioning her famous relative on the show

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island 2022 has been full of twists and turns, from Davide and Ekin-Su's on-off coupling, to this year's iconic heart rate challenge. But one moment viewers have been patiently waiting for is of course the on-screen reveal of contestant Gemma Owen's famous relative.

In case you missed it, Gemma isn't the only famous Owen in her family, thanks to her dad being former England footballer Michael Owen. While viewers found out about the connection early on, the Islanders have seemingly held back on discussing Gemma's dad on camera over the past four weeks.

However, that all changed during Thursday night's episode (30th June), with Gem finally opening up about her famous family - and fans are all having the same reaction.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

To recap, the episode saw the girls getting ready in the dressing room, with Antigoni asking Gemma, "Sorry, excuse me if I'm being ignorant, but is your dad like very well-known? He played for England, right?"

Gemma replied, "Yeah," before Ekin-Su asked, "Do you like David Beckham's sons?" We then saw Gemma following up with a second famous revelation, responding, "Well, I went to nursery with his sons, yeah."

Hey, it's a small world in the celeb universe, right?

Fans were quick to share their reactions to Gemma *finally* mentioning her dad on screen, with many suggesting that Gemma/viewers have collectively been waiting almost four weeks (since Love Island launched) for the topic to surface.

One fan tweeted, "They’re talking about Gemma’s dad, finally only took 3 weeks to make it public," with another adding in all caps, "They finally mentioned Gemma's dad OMG."

Others were surprised that the topic of Gem's dad hadn't come up sooner, with one viewer tweeting, "I’m still shocked we have only just heard anything about Gemma’s dad."

Similarly, some fans were also fairly underwhelmed at Gemma's family reveal taking place during a casual conversation rather than a more significant announcement, with one writing, "Not us thinking the reveal of Gemma’s dad would be a huge reveal."

Hands up who's excited for the 'meet the parents' episode, then?

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