'Love Island' fans shocked as 'the devil himself' Adam Collard returns

Adam Collard's Love Island return has shocked viewers. (ITV)
Adam Collard's Love Island return has shocked viewers. (ITV)

Love Island fans have expressed shock at controversial series four contestant Adam Collard making his way back into the villa, branding him "the devil himself" and a "mass manipulator".

Collard, 26, first appeared on the ITV2 dating show in 2018 where he dated four women including Zara McDermott and has now become the first ever bombshell to return to another series.

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His behaviour towards the season four women was so concerning that ahead of his villa comeback this year, Women's Aid released a statement calling on the show's producers to intervene if he repeated any "gaslighting" or "emotional abuse".

Collard announced ahead of his return: “I’m going to ruffle feathers when I go in.”

Adam has promised to 'ruffle feathers'. (ITV)
Adam has promised to 'ruffle feathers'. (ITV)

He certainly had a busy first day in the villa, making his way around the women to pick holes in their relationships.

One viewer tweeted: "Adam Collard? The devil himself? The destinys chaldish founder? The MASS MANIPULATOR?"

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Someone else wrote: "Since Adam walked into the villa Ekin Su and Davide are friends, Gemma admits Luca is too 'over protective', Tasha is once again not 100% for Andrew and Paige isn’t putting all her eggs one basket. Truly only this menace can accomplish this in one morning."

Another viewer agreed: "Adam hasn’t lost his touch at all, one afternoon he’s made his way around all the girls."


Adam Collard is the first bombshell to return to a different series. (ITV)
Adam Collard is the first bombshell to return to a different series. (ITV)

However, not everyone in this year's Love Island recognised Collard or knew of his previous actions.

One of the contestants he made a beeline for was Michael Owen's daughter Gemma, who is just 19.

A viewer tweeted: "Gemma wondering why she doesn’t recognise Adam not realising she was 14 when he was last on and already in bed by 9pm."

Someone else wrote: "I can’t lie, the way Adam as talking to Gemma was like a therapy session. He really said 'and Gemma tell me, how do YOU feel about it' had her questioning her entire existence. A menace. A menace I tell you."

Adam sat down for a chat with Gemma. (ITV)
Adam sat down for a chat with Gemma. (ITV)

Women's Aid head of communications and media relations Teresa Parker told Yahoo News UK: “In the 2018 series of Love Island, we saw Rosie rightly call out Adam for his unacceptable behaviour, which included gaslighting and emotional abuse.

"We hope that ITV producers recognise how serious this issue is and that it must be learned from, considering they have asked Adam to return to the show.

"Love Island is watched by many young people and we know what a huge influence it has. Producers must make sure there is support for contestants throughout, and intervene if relationships become unhealthy or abusive.”

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